The People Plant Connection is offering new gardening classes for kids, ages 5 & up, beginning this month!

Gardening classes for ages 5-10 are on Mondays, and classes for ages 11-15 are on Wednesdays.
Art classes for ages 11 & up are also being offered on Thursdays.
All these programs will be held at the Southside Recreation Center, 2750 Ben Ficklin Road in the Big Blue Building. Gardening classes will offer information on plants, gardening, appropriate life skills, water conservation and the environment. There will also be hands-on experience as gardeners will build gardens around the center.
A Junior Master Gardener Club is also being formed and will meet twice a month. Members will earn certificates as they learn about plants, gardening, and how to become a good citizen through community service. This program is open to children in grades 3 through 6.
For more details on these programs, please call Susan at The People Plant Connection at 656-3104.