Bring out that cake and Let's All Celebrate!

flickr- from Michael Bentley

Saturday 10-12

Happy Birthday to:

Evan Ferguson, 15, from Mom, Meme and Big Brother, Skyler.

Toby Arroyl, 12, from Mom and his brother.

Shelly Pruitt, 50, from her family.

Tanner Gilbert, 13, from Mom and Dad.

Brandon Stewart, 25, from All the family.

Timothy Espinosa, 4, from Nannie and Keven.

Chloe McKenzie, 2, from Mom, Dad and Conner.

Sunday 10-13

Happy Birthday to:

Kaye Pfluger, 60 plus, from All The Good 'Ol Girls.

Cara Buchanan, 20 something, from All her friends at Community Medical Center.

Curtis Shelton, 61, from Joy, Blake and Slade.

No anniversaries to report this weekend.

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