Look who's turning a year older today!   Happy Birthday to:

Cheyenne Taylor, old enough.

Aurora Fernandez, 40 something, from her fiance, Rich. 

James Jackson, 26, from Mom, Dad and the rest of the family. 

Abraham Ruiz, 33, from all his friends. 

Jesse aka "Poof" Taff, 34, from her son, Landon and her nieces, Sage and Sadie. 

Wesley Mobley, 25, from Mom and James. 

Mikayla Jackson, 7, from Aunt El, Uncle Chris, Clay, Ellen and Connor. 

Stephen Treadaway, 60, from his grandchildren, Nathan, Natalie and Sydney. 

Patty Tipton, 63, from her son, Jeff. 

Parker Tidquist, 5, from Mom, Dad, Bella and Cooper.  Parker gets todays birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

No Wedding Anniversaries to report today. 

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