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These listeners are turning another year older on this Election Day!  Happy belated Birthday to: 

(Twins) Aaron & Ashlee Long, 15 on 11-4, fro Mike Long. 

Happy Birthday Today to: 

Trey Carrillo, 10, from Mom and Dad. 

Rusty Hinson, 21, from his Big Redneck Family. 

Alicia Sanchez, 9, from Mom, Dad and her brother Ethan. 

Meredith Herbert, 30 something, from her mother in-law, Mary. 

Britney Kirkham, 20, from Mom, Brandy and Becca. 

Leah Taylor, 34, from the Cooks, Michael, Tricia, Eli and Max.  Leah is today's winner of the birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

No wedding anniversaries to report today. 

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