Lot's of our Listeners are celebrating on March 25th!

flickr - from BrownGuacamole

Happy Birthday to:

Edwin Lackey, 54, from Kenneth.

Sheena Youngblood, 31, from Mom.

Marilyn Luphi, 74, from her husband, Jimmy, daughter, Angela and grandson, Shane.

Don LePak, 60 something, from the Dillard's gang.

Dawn Hasty, 40, from her husband, Greg.

Kasi Briley, 32, from Lonny and Teresa.

(twins) Kyrie & Danielle Yarbrough, 7, from Mom and Dad.

Joey Leal, 18, from Nanny and Kevin.

Shirley Lawrence, 39 and holding, from Mama Wanda and Kevin.  Shirley is today's winner of a birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

No wedding anniversaries to report.