Lot's of names on our list for May 15th.

flickr - from TimWilson

Happy Birthday to:

Lex Sherman, 6, from Mom and Johnnie.

Dakota Smith, 17, from Dad, Mom and All her Water Valley friends.

Jazalynn Garza, 5, from her family.

Brittani Lane, 22, from Mom, Dad and family.

Derek Morrison, 45, from Mom, Dad, Tina and the boys.

Rudy Vijil Jr., 18, from Aunt Veronica and Alex.

Elisa Martinez, 45, from her husband Toy, Berlyn, Lance, Robert and Kamron.

Makayla Andros, 10, from Aunt Susie and Cousin Justin.  Makayla wins our birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

No wedding anniversaries to report.