August 13th is a Special Day in the lives of these Listeners.

flickr - from plinberg

Happy Birthday to:

Linda Day, 71, from her husband, Curtis.

Gary Cline, old enough, from Karen.

Vicki Wilson, 59, from Renee and Goldie.

Nancy Rodriguez, 40 something, from All her family.

Stacey Smith, 53, from Connie, her sister, Kari and the rest of the family.

Brittany Ruiz, 15, from uncle Toy and Aunt Lisa.

Donna Coleman, 78, from All her family.

Bubba Rose, 43, from Belton.  Bubba wins today's birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Dave & Becky Shomaker, 34 years.  They will be in our drawing Friday morning for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.

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