We have several Listeners celebrating on Saturday and Sunday!

flickr - from kimberlykv

Saturday 3-8

Happy Birthday to:

Dylan McLean, 16, from Dad.

Katie Clouser, 24, from Mom, Dad and Ben.

Joe Franklin, 55, from everyone at the NRCS office.

Sunday 3-9

Happy birthday to:

Celia Romo, 83, from Letty, Cody and Lonnie.

Dean Jones, 60, from his baby sister, Donna and Mark.

Ryan McClintock, 31, from All his friends at San Angelo USDA.

George Silva, 38, from his wife, Stephanie and his 3 children.

Caty Alexander, 13, from Mom, Dad, her 2 brothers and sister.

Bonnie Evans, old enough, from Joey.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Bart & Stacie McWilliams, 11 years. from The Cook Family.