Best Wishes to all our Listeners celebrating on this Weekend before Christmas.  Saturday 12-21

Happy Birthday to:

Hope Morris, 12, from Dad, Stephanie and brother, Brenyn.

Sherry Walker, 50 something, from the Good Ole Girls.

flickr - from Michael Bentley

Tina Sanders, 43, from her husband, Shane, also Beth and Summer

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Charles & Joanne Powell, 59 years, from all their family.  They are this week's winners of a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.

Sunday 12-22

Happy Birthday to:

Maddox Lane Rios, 6, from Papa and Grandma Patti.

Lynda McKamie, 45, from Mom.

Happy Wedding anniversary to:

Charles & Elaine Baca, 40 years, from Jonathan.

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