Congratulations to all our listeners celebrating this weekend!

flickr - from Tobyotter

Saturday 9-21

Happy Birthday to:

Lori Cravey, 30 something, from her husband Doug.

Bryce Bowie, 11, from Aunt Amanda.

Dustyn Stone, 13 from Aunt Amanda.

Arthur Martinez, 48, from his wife, Lisa.

Jennifer Clark, 40, from Mom.

Brock Miller, 10, from All the family.

Sunday 9-22

Happy Birthday to:

Rylee Chapman, 10, from Grandma.

Richard Hasty, 75, from his wife, Durinda.

Sierra Ziegler, 5, from Mom, Dad and the rest of the family.

Dolores Martinez, 49, from all the girls in the office.

Anissa Monsivais, 4, from Mom, Dad, Matthew, Aniceto and Andrew.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Orlando & Mary Cortez, 29 years, from all the family.

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