We're kicking off the work week with lots of names on the list.  Happy belated Birthday Yesterday to: 

Bryce Castleberry, 2, from his Aunt Nichole. 

Happy Birthday Today to: 

Hudson Manning, 2, from Nana. 

Gaynell Smith, 50 plus, from Connie. 

Tim Wilhoyt, old enough, from Connie. 

Merry Jones, old enough to know better but too young to care, from her husband, Jerry, her 3 daughters, 6 granchildren and the rest of the family. 

Susan Callahan, old enough, from her secret sister. 

Christopher Odom, 27, from his wife, Elizabeth. 

Margie Blanton-Belcheff, old enough, from the Good Ol' Girls. 

Aubrey Bockhorn, 1 year old, from her friends at TLCA. 

Leticia Romo, old enough, from Cody. 

Bill Hasty, 60, from his grandchildren, Ashley and Hunter. 

Ann Segovia, 40, from Mom.  Ann wins the birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

Happy Wedding Anniversay to: 

Joe & Kellsey Castenula, 1 year, from Jello. 

Eric & Cassidy Holik, 1 year, from Christopher and Elizabeth

If you have a birthday or anniversary to announce, visit our birthday and anniversary page to fill out the form.

flickr - from Bitterjug