We're kicking off the work week with a big list of listeners celebrating today!  Happy belated Birthday yesterday to:

Giovonni Acevado, 4, from Mommy and his brother and sister.

Happy Birthday Today to:

Clay Hubert, 56, from his daughter, Marleana.

Michael Torres, 27, from Mom along with his 5 brothers and sister.

Shirley Lawrence, 39 and holding, from Wanda.

Daryl Lemons, over the hill, from Wanda.

Javier Martinez, 45, from Karen and Wayne.

Hayden Matheny, 4, from Mom, Dad, Granny, Pawpaw and all 4 of her brothers.

Laurie Thurman, 9, From Aunt Rita and Uncle Doug.

Spencer Torson, 2, from Mom.

Austin Day, 23, from Mimi and Pawpaw Day.

Kasey Cox, 21, from Mom and Dad.

Marilyn Luthi, 73, from her husband, Jimmy, daughter, Angela, and grandson Shane.

Dawn Hasty, 39, from her husband, Greg and all her co-workers at the Stripes in Sterling City.  Dawn is the winner of today's birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Javier & Rachael Martinez, 18 years, from Karen and Wayne.  They will be in our drawing Friday Morning for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.

If you have a birthday or anniversary to announce, visit our birthday and anniversary page to fill out the form.

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