It's January 17th.  It's Finally Friday and we're celebrating with these Listeners.

flickr - from Tobyotter

Happy Birthday to:

Zach Bingham, 17, from Mom, Sis and the rest of the family.

Danny Bingham, 44, from his wife, Shayna and Haleigh.

Elicia Rankin, 40 something, from her mother-in-law, Sandy.

Carolyn Kuhn, 50 something, from her friends at the State School, in Carlsbad.

Ciera Juarez, 13, from Grandpa Bobby and Grandma Debbie.  Ciera wins today's birthday cake from Halfman's Cake Cottage.

Happy belated Anniversary (1-16) to:

Barry & Aprile Bordner, 18 years, from Tricia.

Happy Anniversary Today to:

Paul & Fran Strode, 11 years.  They are this week's winners of a dozen beautiful roses from Southwest Florists.