It's August 30th, the final Friday this month, and these Listeners are Celebrating Big Time!

flickr - from zheem

Happy Birthday to:

Marc Valenzuela, 40, from Karan McCormack.

Lynn Teague, 35, from the Whole family.

Tai Spain, 15, from Mom.

Bralon McCleery, 8, from Mom and Dad.

Alisha Rivers, 35, from Mom, Dad and the rest of the family.  Alisha wins the birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Miguel & Maria Moreno, 10 years.

John & Genevive Schwartz, 57 years, from their son and the rest of the family.

Congratulations to Jim & Carolyn Strappel, who will celebrate their 50th (8-31).  They win a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.

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