Let's all celebrate with these listeners on this finally Friday!! 

Kari Tue, 48, from Connie and all her family.

Jesse Salazar, 19, from all his family. 

Debbie Wood, 50, from Dad and Mom. 

Robert Dominguez, 39, from the Dominguez, Dickison, Stewart, Martinez and Nunez families. 

Robert Pustka, 77, from his son, Doug and grand daughters, Alex and Emily. 

Angie Gibbs, 25, from Jean and Debbie. 

Shawn Parks, 6, from Grandma. 

Judy McNeil, 57, from Mom.  Judy wins a birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to: 

Jimmy & Debbie Fontenot, 27 years.

Congratulations to Jimmy & Carolyn Strube, who are the winners of a half dozen roses this week from Friendly Flowers.   

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