The last Friday of the month and congratulations to these listeners!  Happy Birthday to: 

Barry Kleypas, nearing AARP status, from Karen. 

Susan Cline, 39, from Karen. 

Doris Lopez, old enough, from all her clogging friends. 

Daniel Cisneros, 57, from his wife, Irma and daughter, Samantha. 

Maria Cortez-Murphy, 22, from Mom, Dad and the rest of the family.  Maria wins the birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to: 

Gregg & Jewel, Bowman, 28 years. 

Richard & Angie Constancio, 44 years.  Congratulations, they also are the winners this week of a dozen beautiful roses from Southwest Florists.

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