Volunteers from dozens of groups will be descending on the rights-of-way along state highways in our 15-county district the week of April 6 in an effort to help beautify Texas roadways. This year marks the 30th anniversary of a partnership between the Texas Department of Transportation(TxDOT) and Keep Texas Beautiful. It is the single, largest concentrated effort in the state, when thousands of volunteers gather and pick up litter.

Every year more than one million pieces of litter accumulate on Texas roadways, costing TxDOT over $37 million dollars to have it removed. These volunteer groups help save taxpayers additional money spent on litter pickup.

More than 50 volunteer groups throughout the San Angelo District will be participating this year. TxDOT asks that you be watchful for people in orange vests along the roadways, slow down, and give them space. Each Adopt-a-Highway section is marked with a sign and all the trash collected in that 2-mile stretch will be placed around the sign for TxDOT maintenance forces to pick up. Additional temporary signs will be placed along the road when groups are working along their section of highway.

Since its inception, the Adopt-a-Highway program, which began here in Texas, has expanded to 49 states and several countries.

The San Angelo District is also offering the option of a one-time litter pickup for those who do not want to make a two-year commitment to the Adopt-a-Highway program. Call James Whitlock, district Adopt-a-Highway coordinator at 325/947-9271 for  more information.