With a population just slightly more than 500, Christoval, Texas is certainly a hidden gem in the Lone Star State. From vineyards to a Christmas tree farm, there’s great culture and great times waiting for you in Christoval.

Nestled on 8 acres of Concho Valley land, the Christoval Vineyards produces exceptional wines and a great venue for parties and get-togethers. With more than a dozen wines to taste and a phenomenal patio to enjoy the afternoon breeze, this secluded grove of grapes is well-worth the fifteen minute drive from San Angelo. Christoval Vineyards holds several events throughout the year, which you can find if you frequent their Facebook page.

If wine isn’t your thing, maybe you’d be more interested in connecting with nature at the Hummer House. Located 18 miles south of San Angelo, the Hummer House is home to an observation room where you can spot numerous species of birds for a small, $5 fee. If you can’t squeeze in all your desired bird watching in one day, you can stay at one of the Hummer House cottages for roughly $150 a night.

If Christmas is your favorite time of the year then you can’t miss the Concho Christmas Tree Farm. They’re open every day during the holiday season and by appointment throughout the year. You can tour the Christmas tree farm, visit their petting zoo, or stay at the adorable bed and breakfast. The Concho Christmas Tree Farm is a must-visit attraction during the holiday season. Make sure to bring the whole family to pick and cut the freshest trees in West Texas.

If you consider yourself an outdoorsman, then you must take a trail ride through the Concho Valley with the Calvert Horse Company. For roughly $30 a rider, you’ll spend two hours atop a beautiful horse, riding through trails and pastures. Trail rides are given daily by staff members, but you can book a reservation by visiting their Facebook page.

Are you thinking of making the move to Christoval? Well, maybe you should. The unemployment rate in Christoval is just over 6% percent. The national average is roughly 9%. The cost of living in Christoval is below the national average, the student to teacher ratio is 12:1, fairly impressive, and it was named the #17 most secure small town in America.

If that’s not enough to make you fall in love with Christoval, then consider these facts.  A post office was established in 1889 and the city sprouted from there. In 1914, the population of the city was around 200. Nearly a century later, the population has grown to only 504, ensuring the small town charm hasn’t faded. As of 2000, 29 businesses called Christoval home.

So if you’re considering a stay-cation in the near future, I urge you to check out Christoval and its small-town charm. From bird watching to tree chopping, it’s the epitome of relaxation just minutes from San Angelo.

If you’re looking for a little more adventure while in Christoval then head to the river where you can partake in canoeing, swimming, and my personal favorite, the rope swing. This might possibly be Texas’ greatest rope swing: