As the end of October is near, the weather is beginning to get cooler, and the nights seem a little bit darker. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved this time of year because it meant that Halloween was just around the corner. Halloween has always been one of my favorite things to celebrate. Every year I spend a great amount of time preparing for the big day. A lot of thought goes into what costume I’m going to wear, where I will celebrate it, and how I’m going to decorate.

This year, I started preparing in advance. Pumpkin Carving has always been one of my favorite events of fall, so I went to HEB and purchased a small pumpkin. It took me quite a while to decide what I wanted to carve on it because there are so many possibilities and I wanted it to be just right. I finally decided on a cat design because I love cats, and they are a big Halloween symbol. I opened the pumpkin up and took out all the seeds and the gooey lining. Then, I outlined the design that I wanted in front and cut along those lines to create my very own cat jack o lantern!

Figuring out a costume is another challenging aspect when getting ready for Halloween. There are millions and millions of different characters and creatures to decide from that choosing just one of them is very hard. Luckily, I found a vintage black dress laying in the back of my closet and I picked it up. When I tried it on, it reminded me of something that one of my favorite actresses, Audrey Hepburn would wear. I later took a trip to Spirit Halloween in sunset mall and breezed through all of the interesting costumes and accessories to find the extra things that I needed for the costume like a tiara, gloves, and a pearl necklace. I can definitely say that this costume was easy to make, and I am beyond excited to wear it on Halloween.

Lastly, I’m excited to spend Halloween with other students who are just as enthusiastic about the holiday as I am. There are many opportunities on Friday at Angelo State to celebrate Halloween. I am definitely looking forward to the fall festival that will be held at the ASU pavilion on Friday, October 29th. Like last year, I’m sure that there will be a lot of treats, games, and fun activities for those who love to dress up!