It takes lots of volunteers to make hundreds of breakfast burritos, but the great folks at Schneider Distributing along with some friends are up to getting the job done!

This huge grill is mounted on a trailer, and there's room to cook lots of bacon, potatoes, sausage, and eggs.

To go orders are being made with everyone helping on the assembly line!

More sausage is ready!

Lots of folks are enjoying these fantastic burritos!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a burrito to help in the fight against Breast Cancer!
Thanks to all the great folks at Schneider Distributing and volunteers for all their hard work
and for their hospitality!

When you need propane, remember to stop by Schneider's at 1 South Abe. During October, Schneider's will donate 10 cents for every gallon of propane sold to the American
Cancer Society.