AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Transportation recently recognized Billy Bob Galbreath, with the TxDOT San Angelo District, as the 2014 RAMP Coordinator of the Year.The announcement was made during the 32nd Annual Texas Aviation Conference held in Dallas.

Galbreath began work as a RAMP Coordinator nearly five years ago and has worked every year to increase his contributions to the program.

He is described as a self-starter that has worked hard to build relationships with the airports located in his geographical region.

Galbreath has a reputation for being willing to do whatever he deems necessary to encourage his district airports to participate in the RAMP program – hand deliver grant documents, or help local sponsors with the grant execution process.

He is responsible for breaking down TxDOT district participation in airport maintenance to the local level, and he has encouraged airports in his region to partner with TxDOT local area offices to utilize agency resources and execute local contracts for airport maintenance.

TxDOT’s Aviation Division operations is centralized in Austin and program staff there see Galbreath as a devoted RAMP Coordinator, known for being hands-on at local-area airports in the event of inclement weather or any other emergency situation that may arise.

The Routine Airport Maintenance Program was established in 1996 as a grant program to support general maintenance and improvement projects to small airports around the state. The program is supported by all 25 TxDOT (geographical) districts and is available to nearly 300 airports statewide.  RAMP Coordinators are TXDOT district-designated employees who work as liaisons with the agency’s Aviation Division to provide assistance to airports in their districts.