Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us for the 2nd Time Clock Plus Down & Dirty Mad Dash! Here's a few pictures of all the Fun in the Mud!

Thanks to All American Chevrolet for their sponsorship and bringing out some awesome
new vehicles for us to drool over!

It's time to get registered!

Lots of smiles before Run Time!

Yes, it's a guy in a suit getting ready to get muddy!

And....they're off to the Pit of Ice, the 1st obstacle!

Slip and slide down the hill!

Yes, there is someone trying to get through the mud tire obstacle!

Muddy Monkey Bars!

Gettin' low and slow through the mud crawl....


Nice Suit...Glad we're not paying the cleaning bill on this one!

These ladies are having fun!

Got to be careful climbing up and down!

Here comes a lot of runners up the last hill to the Finish Line!

Finished and ready for the group photo!

Everyone wants to get a fast shower!

Thanks to the Marines, all our Volunteers, all the GREAT Sponsors, and Everyone who helped make this a fun and successful event!

A Big THANK YOU to the Volunteer Fire Departments from Water Valley, Dove Creek, Grape Creek, Carlsbad and Quail Valley for all their help in preparing the course and making sure our runners were safe while they were out on it.

Thanks again, and we'll see everyone next year for the 3rd Down & Dirty Mad Dash!