It’s rare that a phrase is literally coined, but such is the case with “Don’t mess with Texas.” Now in its 30th year, the Texas Department of Transportation’s world-famous, anti-littering slogan is now available as a commemorative coin that not only makes a unique gift, but also reminds its recipients and admirers to keep Texas roadsides beautiful and litter-free.

“‘Don’t mess with Texas’ has been a point of Texas pride for three decades and we couldn’t be happier to have it minted into such a meaningful keepsake,” said TxDOT Executive Director James Bass. “What better way to show or share your Texas spirit than by owning or giving one of these truly unique collector’s items?”

Produced by Charitable Mint, the coins are available in silver and gold, and bear the world-famous “Don’t mess with Texas” slogan on one side and the Texas State Seal on the other.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with TxDOT to produce these beautiful coins that also carry such an important and iconic message,” said Joel Duncan, owner and founder of Charitable Mint. “Being a part of the ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ campaign is truly an honor.”

Sure to enhance any collection, the “Don’t mess with Texas” Commemorative Coin also helps offset the costs of litter pick-up services. On average, Texas spends more than $30 million annually on litter pickup. With Texas growing by 650 people each day, the message of litter prevention via the “Don’t mess with Texas” campaign is as critical as ever to help save taxpayer dollars.

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The "Don’t mess with Texas®" 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver and .9999 fine gold coin collection. These are a valuable commodity struck to the highest standards in minting tradition with the proud “Don’t mess with Texas®” logo on the obverse and the State Seal of Texas on the reverse. Each 1oz coin is IRA eligible since it is struck to the accepted standards. The "Don’t mess with Texas®" Coin is protected in a clear capsule to preserve its condition and delivered in a decorative wood and glass jewelry box which includes a certificate of authenticity. Proudly minted in the U.S.A. Free shipping to the continental United States  Please allow 14-21 days for shipping and handling.