We're ready to celebrate, so let's find out who's having a birthday or anniversary today!
Celebrity birthdays:

Keith Richards-Guitarist/Singer for the Rolling Stones; 71.

Christina Aguilera-Singer/Judge on The Voice; 34

Steven Speilberg-Producer/Director of JAWS, Shindler's List, ET and many more; 68

Ray Liotta-Actor in Goodfellows and many other movies; 60

Brad Pitt-Mr. Angelina Jolie/Actor; 51

Katie Holmes-Actress/ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise; 37

Concho Valley Birthdays include:

Becky Wood, Happy Birthday from your 3 boys and husband!

Brooklyn Connally, 8, Happy Birthday from Mom & Dad!

Becca Neiswanger, Happy Birthday from Joy and all your friends!

Norma Nieto, Happy Birthday from your husband Pablo!

The Halfmann's Cake Cottage Birthday Cake winner is Becky Wood!

Jay and Carla Temple are celebrating their 27th Wedding Anniversary today! They
own Southwest Florists and provide a dozen roses for the anniversary couple of the
week on KGKL! Congratulations on your anniversary and Thanks for the Roses!