Statement by General Manager Kenny Ramzinski on  Corrections to Billing Statements Affecting Commercial Customers of Republic Waste Services:
SAN ANGELO, TEXAS (June 27, 2014) - Republic Waste Services of Texas, Ltd. is initiating a comprehensive review of commercial billing statements to identify any incorrect fees charged in the past for solid waste services. Commercial customers will receive a full refund for any fees incorrectly charged to their accounts. We will work in close coordination with the City of San Angelo and a third party accounting firm throughout this review to determine the exact amount to be refunded to affected commercial customers. We expect to complete this review in approximately 90-days, at which time we will notify affected commercial customers about the amount and date they can expect a refund.

Throughout this review, commercial customers with questions about their invoice are encouraged to contact us at:  (855) 823-6901 or

We truly value our relationship with this community, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may have caused for our commercial customers. We appreciate the opportunity to correct this matter in a responsible and timely fashion, and we remain deeply committed to providing this community with a customer experience that exceeds all expectations.