A community-wide prayer service is scheduled for 12:15 this Wednesday in Santa Fe Park adjacent to the pavilion near Kids Kingdom playground.

“This brief service will provide an opportunity for residents of San Angelo to come together in prayer for everyone touched by the tragic accident Thursday in Midland involving the 24 wounded veterans who were to have been our guests this weekend for the 9th annual Hunt for Heroes,” said Ellen Brown, spokesperson for an ad hoc group arranging the service. There will be special focus on the families of the four veterans who died, but also on all the veterans and their spouses who were riding on the parade float hit by a train—many of whom were injured.

Due to the brevity of the service, chairs will not be provided, so those who need/prefer to be seated are encouraged to bring lawn chairs.  This will be a brief service, which will allow everyone to get back to work before 1pm.