The City of San Angelo will launch an online auction of surplus vehicles and other equipment on Friday, Sept. 5, at At least 25 items available for purchase will soon be available for viewing at the website by searching for “San Angelo.”
Among the available items are a fire truck, a skid steer, used pickup trucks and cars, a mower and miscellaneous items.

Bidding will begin to progressively close at 10 a.m. Sept. 19.

This will be the third fully online auction the City has conducted, a departure from years past when the City conducted a large live auction that incorporated online bidding. The second online auction in May generated net proceeds in excess of $148,000. City Vehicle Maintenance Superintendent Ryan Kramer, who administers the auction for the City, said that on average, the increase in the winning bid for items auctioned online has been in excess of 80 percent what comparable items sold for during live auctions.

The auction is being administered by Rene Bates Auctioneers, which conducts online auctions for a number of Texas municipalities and other governmental entities. Funds raised will be returned to the appropriate City fund, such as the general, water or airport funds.