Chase Rice brings his fans along for a fun-filled day off in his "Everybody We Know Does" music video.

Rice enlisted the help of his tour videographer, Cody Cannon, to film himself, his friends and his family relaxing, cooking out and partying outside of Nashville. The clip opens with aerial views of a massive tract of land and Rice and his loved ones piling out of their trucks and Jeeps for a day of fun, and ends around a bonfire, with everyone raising a toast. And just in case viewers don't believe Rice's lyrical claim that they can often be found "singing every word of "Friends in Low,"" there's a little bit of bonus footage that proves he ain't lying.

“This music video is as real as it gets,” Rice says in a press release. ""Everybody We Know Does" is my life in a song ... [I]t’s about what makes us who we are and what brings us together, and we wanted to capture that in the purest way possible with this video. It’s literally my friends and me hanging out at the farm, gathering around a fire, singing our favorite songs and trying to make the most out of life.

"Whether we’re on the road, performing for thousands of people or just kicking back at home," he adds, "this is who we are.”

"Everybody We Know Does" was written by Jeremy Bussey and Travis Denning; the song speaks about working hard and standing tough when things get a little rough — values both the singer and his fans hold dear.

Fans can press play above to watch Rice's "Everybody We Know Does" video; the song itself is available for download on iTunes. Rice is currently out on the road for his Everybody We Know Does Tour.

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