Up-and-coming country star Brett Eldredge has landed a sweet new gig. The singer, whose current single 'Don't Ya' has climbed into the Top 40, will serve as one of the opening acts for Taylor Swift's upcoming Red Tour. He will appear on 19 dates with the pop-country megastar, beginning in Omaha, Neb. on March 13.

"It's a good day," Eldredge tells Taste of Country, laughing at his own understatement. "Oh man, I can't wait. It's gonna be incredible."

Needless to say, the exposure from a mix of arena and stadium dates won't hurt either his single, or his upcoming debut album, which is slated for release this summer. "I've played in front of some big audiences, but that's a whole 'nother level," the entertainer says. "What Taylor does, her show is a spectacle unlike any other artist in music. Just to be able to have a little part of that, a little tiny piece of that, to be able to get in front of her fans that are so passionate ... I'm so, so lucky to be able to do that. It's gonna be awesome. I'm so, so excited."

The singer has actually been sitting on the news for a while, waiting for it to be announced. "I was on stage in Detroit, and I had a bunch of missed calls from my manager, and I just thought, 'What the heck's going on? Something really good or really bad must have happened.' I got off stage and called him right away, and he said, 'We got it, we got it!' And I had to keep quiet about it," Eldredge says with another laugh. "I was just busting at the seams, holding it in, and I was just so excited to be able to announce it today. That tour is just gonna be awesome."

Eldredge isn't going to change his live approach to accommodate Swift's fans. "She's been out there working the road, and her fans have grown up with her," he observes. "She's got fans of all ages and from all walks of life, and I feel like with my music, I'm just gonna go up there and play what I play, do what I do and hope they enjoy it."

The tour kicks off in just a couple of weeks, and Eldredge and his band are gearing up for the road. "I'm going to rehearse right now," he says. "This tour is gonna be so much fun."

Taylor Swift Red Tour Dates With Brett Eldredge:

3/13-3/14 - Omaha, Neb.
3/18-3/19 - St. Louis, Mo.
3/22 - Charlotte, N.C.
3/23 - Columbia, S.C.
4/10 - Miami, Fla.
4/11-4/12 - Orlando, Fla.
4/18-4/19 - Atlanta, Ga.
4/20 - Tampa, Fla.
4/25 - Cleveland, Ohio
4/26 - Indianapolis, Ind.
4/27 - Lexington, Ky.
5/4 - Detroit, Mich.
5/11-5/12 - Washington, D.C.
5/16 - Houston, Texas