The Voice went country once again on Tuesday night (March 3) when a hopeful sang a Miranda Lambert cover. Brenna Yaeger chose to sing Lambert's "The House That Built Me," and impressed the judges.

Yaeger came onto The Voice stage looking more like a flower child than a country crooner, but her voice did not disappoint. The beautiful singer opened her mouth, and the lyrics to Lambert's song flowed out effortlessly. When Blake Shelton recognized the tune, he immediately nodded his head in approval.

As soon as Yaeger sang the lyrics "don't know me from Adam," Adam Levine pressed his button to turn around for someone he hoped would join his team. "Oh she said my name," he says as his chair turns. After a lot of consideration, Shelton finally hit his red button (much to Levine's dismay). This brought Yaeger to tears immediately — clearly overcome with emotion that two judges would be vying for her.

"That's not fair!" Levine says, upset that once again he'll have to fight Shelton for a talented team member. Christina Aguilera and Pharrell unfortunately didn't see what Shelton and Levine saw, and they didn't turn their chairs for Yaeger.

"The power is in your hands," Pharrell tells her. "Who do you want to be your coach?"

After taking a few moments to deliberate, Yaeger chose to go with her heart (and her song). She chose Lambert's hubby, Shelton, and joined the always-talented Team Blake. Yaeger is joining another country singer, Kelsie May, who recently sang an incredible Loretta Lynn cover.

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