Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are looking for kids to "Sign Up For Scouting"!“For over 100 years, local kids have been part of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and through a multitude of fun and challenging activities, timeless values such as honesty, responsibility, kindness and community service are taught and reinforced,” says Mike Boyd, President/CEO of First Financial Bank, and the official spokesperson for Sign Up For Scouting. “I remember how much fun I had as a Boy Scout and I encourage parents to get their kids involved in Scouting,”

On Tuesday, September 16 and Thursday, September 14, at 6:00pm, Boy Scout and Girl Scout representatives will be at over 17 local schools. This convenient, two night, citywide event is being held so that parents can enroll their sons and daughters in Scouting at the same time and at one location. For participating school locations call the Girl Scouts at (325) 655-8961 or the Boy Scouts at (325) 655-7107.

Scouting activities teach the value of a strong work ethic, and respect for authority, attributes that help make kids into good citizens and Trustworthy leaders.  “We’re in the business of developing kids into great adults, and camping is just one of the tools we use to do it. Boys try the repelling/climbing tower at camp, for example, and learn to work as a team. They learn that they have to depend and be Loyal to the other kids, and the other kids depend and Loyal to them,” says Rick Reeve, CEO and Scout Executive of the Texas Southwest Council, Boy Scout America.

While camp and cookies are the best known “tools” of Scouting, Scouts today get involved in everything from astronomy to zoology, badge work to butterfly watching, water sports to wildlife observations, arts and crafts, aviation, rock climbing and zip lines. Having fun with friends is one of the main motivators for kids to join and remain in Scouting, and fun helps the other lessons stick.

“Parents have the toughest job in the world,” acknowledges Michael Jenike, Vice President of Membership. “We have to make sure that our kids grow up strong, healthy and responsible. It’s so great that as parents, we have Girl Scouting and Boy Scouting to help us get the job done.”

Sign up for Scouting Schedule

School Rally Date, Time, Location
Alta Loma 9/16 Cafeteria 6-7pm
Austin 9/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm
Belaire 9/16 Cafeteria 6:30-7:30pm
Bonham 9/16 Gym 6-7pm
Bowie 9/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm
Bradford 9/18 Gym 6-7pm
Crockett 9/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm
Fannin 9/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm
Fort Concho 9/18 Cafeteria. 6-7pm
Glenmore 9/18 Cafeteria. 6-7pm
Goliad 9/16 Cafeteria 6-7:30 pm
Holiman 9/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm
Lamar 9/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm
McGill 9/16 Cafeteria 6-7pm
Reagan 9/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm
San Jacinto 09/16 Cafeteria. 6-7pm
Santa Rita 09/18 Cafeteria 6-7pm

About Texas Southwest Council

The Texas Southwest Council serves 2,200 young people in 23 ½ counties across southwest Texas.   More than 58% of the kids served live at or are below poverty guidelines and 60% are minority.  More than 900 adults volunteer their time to deliver Scouting. In 2013, he had 25 young men earn the rank of Eagle Scout and over 17,000 hours of service were provided to our communities through the work of our Scouts. More information can be obtained from the council's Web site,, or the national Scouting Web site, Inquiries for additional information can also be directed to 1.325.655.7107 ext 44, attention Rick Reeve, or by email to