Over 200 people showed up to Blaine’s Pub this past Sunday and raised more than $56,000 for a fellow San Angeloan. Why the outpouring of support? Heather Noreaga, age 24, was recently diagnosed with a grade 3 Glioma brain tumor. Heather is a recently married young woman, ready to begin her life yet forced to fight for it first. San Angelo is known for its kind heart and small-town generosity but to hear that 56 thousand dollars had been raised in one night pleasantly surprised the attendees. Heather and her husband Nick, have a long road of chemotherapy and recovery ahead of them. With the help of Blaine’s Pub and the San Angelo community, the financial burden will lessen tremendously. Blaine’s Pub thanks all of the supporters who showed up for Heather Sunday, as would Heather’s friends and family. This past Sunday at Blaine’s is just one example of how this community supports one another.