Today is National Gummi Worms Day!
Gummi Worms were introduced to the world on July 15, 1981, the 60th Anniversary of Gummi bears.

July 15th Celebrity Birthdays include:
Linda Ronstadt-69
Forest Whitaker-53
Patrick Wayne (John's son)-75
Brian Austin Green-41

Concho Valley Birthday Celebrities for today are:
Robert Andrade-52-Happy Birthday from your wife & family
Barbara Brown-50ish-from your kids!
Anton Guitierrez-26-from your Mom,Dad,sister, brothers, fiance, nephews, nieces, and the rest of the family!
Melinda Tavarez-33-from your Mom,Dad,& Family!
Julia Aguirre-21-from your family!

And our Halfmann's Cake Cottage Birthday Cake Winner is: Robert Andrade!

Happy Anniversary to Gilbert & Sharon Aguirre, who are celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary today! They're in the drawing for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists this Friday!

If you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary today, we hope you have a Fabulous Day!