We'll check the names of our listeners tuning a year older here on August 31st, right after we pay a special salute to one of our favorite snacks.

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It's National Trail Mix Day!

A day set aside to honor the mix that was developed as a healthy snack to be enjoyed on long hikes. Hiker's love it because it's very lightweight, easy to store and nutritious, providing a quick energy boost. Of course, you don't have to be a hiker to snack on the dried fruit, grains, nuts and chocolate all mixed together.

Trail mix was first mentioned in the 1958 Jack Kerouac novel, "The Dharma Bums".  A decade later in 1968, two surfer dudes in California try to lay claim to inventing it.  Who cares?  We love it!

To celebrate today, you can make your own trail mix by using some favorite ingredients or simply buy the prepackaged variety at the store.  It's up to you.  In the mean time,  happy trails to you.

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Mark Bybee, 26.  From Carol and Johnny.

Cindy Bybee, old enough.  From Carol and Johnny.

Mike Hegefeld, old enough.  From his wife, Gwen.

Jaylon Ward, 33.  From Mom and Dad.

No wedding anniversaries to report.