Coming up a salute to our listeners celebrating here on July 27th, but first a reminder of what's special about this day.

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This is National Parents Day!

Back in 1994, then President Bill Clinton, proclaimed the 4th Sunday in July as National Parents Day.  A special day to honor your mom and dad.

It's not a day to give gifts.  That's saved for the holidays of Mother's Day and Father's Day.  Today is all about just spending time with your parents, perhaps doing some fun stuff and showing them how much they are loved and appreciated.

It's a day reserved to celebrate that institution known as, "the family unit".  An important structure, offering family values for the the health of our children and this great nation.

So kids, as it says in the Bible, "Honor thy father and mother", on this National Parents Day!

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Barry Bordner, 39.  From the Cook family.

Bart Pfluger, 46.  From Mike and Tricia.

Davin Darnell, 18.  From her Aunt Cindy, Uncle Larry and the rest of the family.

Xaiver Agulira, 11.  From the Cortez family.

No wedding anniversaries to report.