If this is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations! Talk about chaos, on this date in 1990,

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the Internal Revenue Service seized the property of Willie Nelson in six states, including his Austin recording studio, to satisfy a $6.5 million debt.

This is Chaos Never Dies Day!

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This is the day recognizes the turmoil in modern, everyday life. Are things a little crazy at home? Is school a little on the wild side? Is your work place hectic and disorderly? We thought so.

Believe it or not, disorder is everywhere. Hectic schedules, changes to plans, unexpected tasks and chores, the list goes on and on and on.

You can best celebrate this day, by recognizing that chaos never dies. Rather, its a way of life. You can partake in this special day, by putting just a little order back into your life. You can start, by picking one thing that is really disrupting your life, and change it...for the good.

One more thing: If you think your life is chaotic today, just wait until the holiday season arrives.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y! 

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Concho valley birthdays include:

Rodney Castleberry, 59. From his daughter, Nicole and grandchildren.

Misty Leal, 43. From Mom, Kevin and David.  Misty is today's winner of dessert from Papa Murphys. 

No anniversaries to report.