If this is your birthday, congratulations! You are sharing this date with, fellow Texan and country music singer, Miranda Lambert is born in Longview, Texas, in 1983. Introduced on TV's "Nashville Star," she combines a feisty attitude and deep sensitivity while winning the Country Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year six times in a row from 2010-2015.

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Happy 32nd, Miranda!

This Is USMC Day!

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Today we celebrate the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps were created during the Revolutionary War.

The Continental Congress of the newly created United States of America, authorized the creation of the Continental Marines on November 10, 1775. It was later renamed the U.S. Marine Corps. It is often abbreviated as USMC.

The Marine Corps has proudly participated in every war that has involved the United States.

If you see a Marine today, thank them for their contributions to protecting our country. Active or retired, they deserve our thanks and appreciation.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!

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Concho Valley birthdays include: 

Gina Thorp, 40 something. From Shannie.

Jim Rasor, 74. From The Good Ole Girls.

Jaxon Tavarez, 9. From All his family.

Myleah Saldivar, 9. From all her family.  Myleah is today's winner of dessert from Papa Murphys. 

No anniversaries to report.