It's July 7th, and we'll salute our listeners celebrating today after a quick reminder about what makes this day special for everyone!

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This is Chocolate Day Everywhere!

Chocolate is a vegetable, which comes from the Cacao tree found in tropical rain forests.

Chocolate is America's favorite flavor choice.  To celebrate this day all you have to do is eat chocolate and knowing you, that should be no problem.

Here's some menu suggestions for this special day.

For breakfast, try chocolate cereal with some chocolate cream-filled donuts and top it off with delicious, hot chocolate.

Lunch should consist of a glass of chocolate milk with you meal and for dessert, how about some chocolate pudding or a piece of chocolate pie.

For dinner tonight, if you are an adult, try sipping a chocolate liqueur before hand.  During the meal enjoy some chocolate flavored coffee and for dessert chocolate cake.

Between meal snacks today should include, chocolate candy bars, chocolate covered raisins and a real must, chocolate ice cream.

That should take care of your Chocolate Day celebration.

Concho Valley birthdays for today include:

Tracy Kelly, 47.  From Kim and Mason.

Linda Rasor, 68.  From all of the Good 'Ole Girls.

Alysia Porras, 13. from her G-Maw.

Theresa Troncoso, 40 something.  From her sister, Charlene.

Maria Martinez, 56.  From Juan.

Kenneth Wiley, old enough.  From his wife, Janet.  Kenneth is the winner of today's birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

No wedding anniversaries to report.