If today is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations!

This Is Camera Day!  

Francesco Salvagglo

Celebrate this day in pictures. Each picture tells a story. Each story is a memory. With digital technology, using a camera has never been easier. Cameras are now built into cell phones, so you always have a camera with you, ready to record the moments of your life.

A camera is a vital tool to record important events in the family and in the world.  It captures the moment.....forever. It creates the memories that we share and look back upon. From the birth of a new baby, to high school graduations, people take pictures at a fast click. The camera records family vacations, holidays and Christmas. The camera takes pictures of good times, and occasionally bad time.

Today, get everyone to say "cheese"! Use the camera of your choice and click the day away.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y! 


Concho Valley birthdays include: 

Judy Sheffield, 59. From all her family.

Kristie Guajardo, 30. From Aunt Molly.

Rosa Rivero, old enough. From Tricia.

Billy Anders, 50 and holding. From Janie, David, Ashlea and Dustin. Billy wins our birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

No anniversaries to report.