If this is your birthday, congratulations! You are celebrating along with this country artist today.Guitarist John Osborne, born in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1982. With younger sibling T.J., he forms Brothers Osborne, earning a Grammy nomination with the duo's 2015 single "Stay A Little Longer".

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Happy 34th, John!

This Is National Prime Rib Day!

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There's no better way to enjoy this special day than with a big, thick, juicy cut of prime rib, cooked just the way you like it. Remember to include the au jus, along with a fully loaded baked potato. A piece of Texas Toast and some fresh veggies would be nice, as well. Don't worry about the high fat or cholesterol content, remember you can always return to your diet tomorrow.

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Bella Salcedo, 5. From Grandma.

Jason Clark, 35. From his wife, Renee and 4 children.

Christina Huerta, 26. From Mom, Dad, brother and sisters.

Aaron Dallas, 20. From all the teachers and his friends at Central High.

Harry Braden, 61. From his sister, Polly.

Andrea Herrera, 11. From Mom and Crystal.

Kaylani Quiroz, 4. From Grandma and Grandpa. Kaylani wins 4 delicious gourmet cupcakes from Cakes In A Cup.

No anniversaries to report.