Standby for a list of listeners celebrating here on August 17th.  Up first though, you should know this a special day for all bargain hunters.

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It's National Thrift Shop Day!

A thrift shop, or a thrift store is a retail business usually run by a charitable organization to raise money to be used for that organization's charitable purpose.

These stores usually sell used items that are donated by the public and are normally staffed by volunteers.  Those donated goods are then sold for a lower cost to buyers.

Since saving money is important to most folks these days, shopping at thrift stores is becoming more and more popular.  For some, shopping at these stores isn't about the price at all, it's that chance to find vintage and antique items.  Whither its clothing, furniture, household goods or other hidden treasures, it is always a thrill to bargain hunt at a thrift shop or store.

The merchandise is not always the highest quality, but the price is right.

Today is your day to shop for some real bargains. So, enjoy yourself!

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Julie Rainey, 40.  From Dana.

Pam Salas, 51.  From her husband, Steve.

Kathleen Pfluger, 44.  From Tricia.

Ron Hubert, 60.  From Tricia.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Jason & Maxine Del Gado, 4 years.  From Jason's Mom.