In a bit we'll check our list of listeners that are celebrating here on July 12.  First though, let's talk about a reason for all Texans to celebrate this day.

flickr - from derekskey

It's National Pecan Pie Day!!  Ahhh, bring it on!

The Lonestar State, is famous for its vast pecan groves.  In fact, the pecan is the official "state nut".  We love our foods made with pecans.  Of all the dishes that feature pecans, pecan pie is by far the favorite.  You don't even need to be from Texas to fall in love with this pie.

If you like nuts, pie and sweets, this has to be your day.  Always sweet and crunchy, no wonder, pecan pie is a regular menu item in most restaurants.

The best way to celebrate this day is to bake and eat a pecan pie.  You may even want to make an extra one to give to a friend.

Don't have time to bake one today?  Not to worry!  Just head to your favorite store or restaurant, and buy one to enjoy on National Pecan Pie Day.

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Dezaray Johnson, 24.  From ASU's Small Business Development Center.

Madison Rios, 10.  From Mom, Jessica, Raquel and Bubba.

Debbie Dove, 50.  From Michael and Tricia.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Dorman & Joni Hight, 53 years.  From Kathy.