We'll find out the names of the listeners who made our list here on August 16th, in a moment.  First, you should know, this is a special day that should be fun-filled with lots of laughter.

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It's National Tell a Joke Day!

We are not kidding.  It's so easy to participate and enjoy this day to the fullest.  All you have to do is, just tell some jokes.  You can do it either in person, or send a few funny emails.  You are also encouraged to listen to as many jokes as possible today.

A joke can be something that is spoken, written or done with humorous intention.  Jokes take on many forms.  A single word or gesture, a quick one-liner, question-answer, or a complete short story.

Synonyms for a joke include:  gag, prank, quip, jab or jest.

Jokes have been around since at least, 1900 BC.

The pay off for a joke, should be laughter, which is healthy.  Laughter releases endorphins (those natural feel good chemicals) into the brain.

Here's hoping, your day is filled with lots of laughs and chuckles.

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Mitch Butler, 60.  From a friend.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Chris & Misty Collier, 11 years.