Today is National Corn Fritters Day, National Personal Chef Day, and National Fresh Spinach Day!
What is a Corn Fritter? These tasty treats are deep fried, pan fried, or baked. Recipes often include corn meal mix, flour, sugar, salt, milk, eggs, butter, corn & vegetable oil.

These savory bites of fried or baked corn batter can be eaten alone, served as a side, or enjoy with a topping like syrup, powered sugar, jam or jelly.

Although the origins of this "national holiday" are unknown, fritters originated in the Deep South. Many other cultures have come up with similar dishes. In Asia, "pakoras", vegetables dipped in batter and deep fried are a popular snack.

Celebrity Birthdays today include:
Michael Flatley-Lord of the Dance-56
Phoebe Cates-Actress "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"-51
Will Ferrell-Comic Actor "Talledega Nights"-47
Corey Feldman-Actor "The Lost Boys"-43

Celebrating a birthday and winning our Halfmann's Cake Cottage Birthday Cake is Rod Harris! Happy Birthday Rod from Debbie, David, Dylan & Dalton!

We have 2 wedding anniversaries today, and both couples will be in our Friday drawing for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists:

Andy & Linda Duke are celebrating their 1st Anniversary, best wishes from your Mom!

Robert & Dorothy Puska are celebrating their 54th Wedding Anniversary today! Congratulations!