You'll find out who made our list of listeners celebrating on this 4th day of September, in a moment, but right now:  Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

It's National Newspaper Carrier Day!

This day celebrates the hiring of the very first newspaper carrier, 10 year old Barney Flaherty, in 1833.  He was hired by Benjamin Day, publisher of The New York Sun, to sell papers.  The 10 year old only had to prove that could throw a newspaper into the bushes.

This day honors everyone who is now, or has ever been a newspaper carrier.  It's a long list, perhaps thousands, if not millions, of folks.  Some very famous names include:  Martin Luther King Jr., former President Ronald Reagan, Warren Buffet and even, John Wayne.

These days, very few youngsters deliver papers.  The job has been taken over by adults who throw the papers from their cars.

Why not show your newspaper carrier some appreciation today by giving them a box of candy, a card, or just a nice "thank you", for a job well done.

Concho Valley Birthdays

Nancy Ziegler, old enough.  From her husband, James.

Brenda Neill, 51.  From her husband, Cowboy.

Robert Vance, 16.  From Mom, Dad and Kaylee.

Arrin Canales, 18.  From Oma.

Albert Rivera, 47.  From Alma.

Yolanda Cabrere, 50 something.  From Alma and the rest of the family.

Kember Briley, 7.  From Nana and PawPaw.

Makinna Rivers, 14.  From Mom, Dad and her sisters.

Brenda Barnas, 30 something.  From Shannon and Julie, and her nieces and nephews.  Brenda wins our birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Royce & April Lowrance, 20 years.

Don & Kathey Chappell, 45 years.  From all their family.

Both couples will be in our drawing tomorrow morning for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.