If this is your birthday, congratulations! You share the same date as country singer/songwriter, Greg Bates, born in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1987. He comes to national prominence with his 2012 debut, "Did It For The Girl". Happy 28th, Greg!  

This Is Native American Day!  

Mario Tama

This day is set aside to honor and celebrate Native Americans, the first Americans to live in the U.S. Still commonly referred to as American Indians, the term "Native Americans" has been used in recent years as a sign of respect and recognition that they were indeed the first people to populate our great and wonderful nation.

Bobbie DeHerrera

By the time the first explorers and settlers arrived from Europe, Native Americans had populated the entire North American continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the northern reaches of Canada.

Stephen Shugerman

Today, why not spend some time learning about Native Americans, the true original settlers in America.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!

Alex Wong

Concho Valley birthdays include:   

(Today 9-25)

Russell Burney, old enough. From his sister, Pam.

Elizabeth Odom, 30. From Mom and Dad. Elizabeth wins her choice of desserts today from Papa  Murphys.  

(Saturday 9-26)

Jennifer Porter, 40 something. From Jill.

Amanda Porras, 38. From Mom, Dad, her 2 sisters, brother.

(Sunday 9-27)

Kayla Subia, 16. From Mom, Dad, her brother, sister and Grandma.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Doug & Rita Glover, 11 years. They are the winners this week of a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.