If this is your birthday, congratulations. You are celebrating along with two country artists. Bass player Sonny Lemaire, born in Fort Lee, Virginia, in 1947. He joins Exile, which shifts in the 1980s from a rock band to country, where it reels off a seven-year string of hits, including "Woke Up In Love," "Crazy For Your Love" and "I Can't Get Close Enough". Happy 68th, Sonny! Also turning a year older today, David Bellamy, born in Darby, Florida, in 1950. With sibling Howard, he forms The Bellamy Brothers, developing a mix of hits built on wordplay or social commentary. They net 17 Country Music Association nominations for duo or group but never win. Happy 65th, David!

This Is National Play-Doh Day!  

Matt Stroshane

Today, we celebrate a great childhood play toy. Invented in the mid 1950s, it has entertained millions of children, and allowed them to express their creativity, both at home and in the classroom.

Now let's P-A-R-T-Y! 


Concho Valley birthdays include:  

Melanie Crooks, 40 something. From Jill.  Melanie wins her choice of desserts today from Papa Murphys.  

No anniversaries to report.