If this is your birthday, congratulations! You are celebrating today with this country music artist.Darius Rucker, born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1966. The lead singer of Hootie + The Blowfish, he becomes a solo country artist in 2008, winning the Country Music Association's New Artist of the Year in 2009.

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Happy 50th, Darius!

This Is Friday The 13th!

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Friday the 13th, is considered an unlucky day, when bad things can happen. Some people have a natural fear of the number, 13. If that's you,  you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia.

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In biblical references, it is believed that Cain killed Abel on Friday the 13th. Were calendars even around back then?

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Try not to cross paths with a black cat today.

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Try to avoid stepping on any cracks today.

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This is definitely not a good day to break a mirror.

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Rejoice though, here is some good news, for ya. Today, is the only Friday The 13th in 2016.

Concho Valley birthdays include:

(Today 5-13)

Brook Baker, 75. From the Good Ole Girls.

John Michael Grooms, 18. From Dad.

Dominic Gould, 12. From the Cook Family. Dominic wins 4 delicious cupcakes from Cakes In A Cup. 

(Saturday 5-14)

Casten Carrell, 9. From Mom, Dad and sister.

Kodi Fritze, 7. From Mom, Dad and Grandma.

Aubrey Ellingson, 11. From all the family.

Caleb Jordan, 9. From Mom and Dad.

(Sunday 5-15)

Lex Sherman, 8. From Mom, Step-Dad and the rest of the family.

Brittani Lane, 24. From Mom and the rest of the family.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

(Saturday 5-14)

Mark & Donna Sloan, 5 years.

(Sunday 5-15)

Andrew & Kelley Forehand, 1st anniversary.

Congratulations to Sam & Cheynna Murphy, who celebrated their 2nd anniversary on 5-10. They are this weeks winners of a dozen roses from Friendly Flower Shop.