If this is your birthday, congratulations! There are a couple of country musicians celebrating along with you. Alabama drummer Mark Herndon  born in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1955. He joins the Hall of Fame band in 1979, just prior to its launch into country's mainstream. Herndon is a live fixture with the group, though he rarely plays on its recordings. Happy 60th, Mark! Also born on this date, Bass player Keith West, in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1968. He joins the group Heartland, providing background vocals on the band's 2006 single "I Loved Her First". Happy 47th, Keith. 

This Is Eat What You Want Day!

Joe Raedle

This day is definitely not a day for diets. Health permitting, go ahead and have any and all of your favorite foods and snacks today. This is the one day of the year you can go off your diet and eat something you really enjoy, Today, you can splurge but remember, tomorrow it's back on the diet.

Please don't risk your health by celebrating this special day.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!!


Concho Valley birthdays include: 

Kristin Evans, 25. From her husband, David, Mom, Dad and her 3 brothers.

Alexis Banda, 13. From Grandpa, Grandma and all the Banda clan.

Cameron Montana, 16. From Grandpa, Grandma and all the Banda clan.

Lilianna Ybarra, 8. From Mom and sister, Adriana.

Andraya De Russo, 11. From the Cook family.

Frank Scalise, 58. From his sister, Imagene. Frank wins our birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Happy Anniversary to:

Billy & Valerie Jones, 24 years. From Mike and Tricia.  They will be in our Friday morning drawing for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.