If you have a birthday today, congratulations!  Thirty years ago tonight a musical milestone took place as Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers joined  43 other artists to record "We Are The World" under the name USA For Africa at the A&M Studios in Los Angeles. Among other contributors are Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Kim Carnes, Ray Charles, Billy Joel and Waylon Jennings

It's National Fun At Work Day! 


We spend a good portion of our lives at work, so why not try to enjoy it.  Let your imagination lead you today while looking for fun things to do at work.  Be sure whatever fun and exciting things you choose you have your boss's approval.  You might even try to get your boss involved in the fun.  By the way, it's a proven fact that, companies that integrate fun along with work have lower levels of absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity and less downtime.  Good for them!

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!!

Hongqi Zhang

Concho Valley birthdays include: 

Aron Quezada, 19.  From Mom, his sister and the rest of the family.

Alexandra Cortez, 9.  From Mom, her brother, 2 sisters and the rest of the Cortez family.

Savannah Clay, 22.  From Mom.  Savannah wins today's birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to: 

Mickey & Linda Shott, 49 years.  From Mary.  They will be in our drawing this Friday morning for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.